ETAP II CZĘŚĆ III – rozmowa on-line TEMATY (VIII)

Część III etap II – rozmowa on-line 05 marca 2018 do 09 marca 2018 zgodnie z listą imienną z przydzielonym dokładnym terminem rozmowy. 


III część II etapu to rozmowa przez komunikator internetowy (realizowana w szkole, lub innym dowolnym miejscu gdzie uczestnik posiada dostęp do komputera podłączonego do Internetu). Do III części podchodzą tylko osoby zakwalifikowane.

Rozmowa składać się będzie z kilku pytań:

Wiedza z zakresu  pytań ogólnych pierwsze pyt  1 – 5 pkt
Wiedza z zakresu  pytań ogólnych drugie pyt  1 – 5 pkt
Wiedza z zakresu kultury 1 – 5 pkt

Gramatyka 1 – 15 pkt
Fonetyka 1 – 15 pkt
Słownictwo 1 – 15 pkt
Płynność 1 – 15 pkt

Podczas części ustnej III części II etapu Olimpiady Języka Angielskiego dla Gimnazjalistów zostaną zadane trzy pytania:
– jedno z zakresu kultury i obszaru językowego Wielkiej Brytanii lub Stanów Zjednoczonych. Dostępne poniżej.
– dwa z zakresu zagadnień ogólnych. Dostępne poniżej.


1. Describe the American flag. How many stars and stripes are there and what do they represent?
2. What do you know about American Constitution?
3. Who was Walt Disney? What significant ideas did he introduce to the art of cinematography?
4. Where is Hollywood? What do you know about that place?
5. What are Academy Awards? What are their origins? Do you know any trivia connected with the awards?
6. What do you know about John Pemberton? What did he invent? What’s so special about his invention?
7. Which is the oldest and most famous university in the United States? What do you know about it? Name to famous politicians who studied there.
8. What is Levi Strauss famous for? Describe the cultural impact of his most famous product.
9. What is George Lucas famous for? What do you know about him?
10. Which fast food restaurant used to use a slogan ‘I’m loving it’? Describe its phenomenon.
11. What is Checks and Balances policy? Describe it.
12. What do you know about American Declaration of Independence?
13. Describe American Congress.
14. What is Pentagon in Virginia US?
15. What is MOMA? Where is it? What famous work of art can you admire there?
16. Who started his speech: ‘I have a dream…’? Who was he? What significant thing did he do?
17. What is the name of a sculpture representing faces of four American presidents? Who are they? Where is it? Can one visit it? Why did the artist choose those presidents not the others?
18. Why is a teddy bear called teddy bear? What is the history behind the name?
19. What is called The Big Apple? Why do we use that name?
20. Who was the only American president who served more than two terms? What were his achievements?
21. Who is current American president? Present some facts concerning his pre-presidential life.
22. What was Great Depression? When did it begin and how did the Americans overcome it?
23. Which American President owned a patent? What was the patent for?
24. Where can you see the Liberty Bell? When did it first ring and why?
25. What do you know about American Woodstock Festival?
26. Who is Uncle Sam? What do you know about that person?
27. What is Great Seal of the USA?
28. What was the Truman Reconstruction?
29. Where can you find a ‘candy desk’ and what actually that is?
30. Who was Robert G. Heft?


1. Describe the British Parliament and say how often general elections are held in Britain?
2. What is the Shadow Cabinet and what is its role?
3. What does UK stand for? Say how the country is organized?
4. Who were the “suffragettes” and what did they campaign for?
5. What were the reasons for the referendum held in Scotland in 2014? What were its results?
6. What do you know about the British constitution?
7. Queen Elizabeth II is a current ruler of the UK. What is her role and how long has she been in power?
8. What is the latest news about the Royal Family?
9. For how many years did the Romans remain in Britain? Are there any signs of their presence that can be observed nowadays?
10. What is Big Ben and where is it located? Why has it appeared in the news recently?
11. One of the most famous buildings in London is St Paul’s Cathedral. Who was it designed by? What famous event took place there in the summer of 1981?
12. What are the Proms? Where and when do they take place?
13. Which part of England are there Devon and Cornwall and what are they known for?
14. What is the highest mountain in the UK, how high is it and where is it?
15. What are the origins of the sport called rugby? What do you know about this sport?
16. What sport is played at Wimbledon? What is so special about the place?
17. What do you know about the British educational system? What types of schools are there?
18. What are the types of the British universities?
19. Where is Ascot and what is it famous for?
20. What is the Commonwealth of Nations?
21. Which English king used to meet his knights at a round table? What do you know about him?
22. Where was modern golf born? Are there any famous female golf players?
23. What was Monty Python? Why are they famous?
24. What is the flag of the UK called? What are its origins?
25. What do you know about the Beatles?
26. Harry Potter’s phenomenon – describe it.
27. Which British writer created HerculePoirot and Miss Marple? What do you know about her and her books?
28. Where was Titanic built? Tell us some trivia about the ship and its cruise.
29. What is the name of symbolic paintings and pictures made on walls in Belfast? What are their origins?
30. Religion in Britain. Characterize it briefly.


1. Describe your daily routine.
2. What is your favourite book. Why?
3. What was your favourite day? Describe it.
4. What is your favourite movie? Why?
5. Do you practice any sport? What kind of sport?
6. Do you like junky food? Why yes/no?
7. What is your favourite month? Why?
8. What is least favourite month? Why?
9. Do you like to cook? Why (not)?
10. What is your favourite TV show?
11. Who is your role model? Why?
12. Who is your favourite actress? Why?
13. Describe your best Birthday party.
14. What is your favourite animal?
15. What is your favourite colour? Why?
16. Describe your best summer holidays.
17. Describe your best winter holidays.
18. What is your favourite subject?
19. What is your least favourite subject?
20. Describe your best friend.
21. Describe your favourite place in the world.
22. What do you prefer a mountain or ocean vacation?
23. Describe your room.
24. Would you like to live in a small village/big city? Why (not)?
25.Describe your grandparents.
26. Describe your parents.
27. Do you like rock music? Why(not)?
28. What is your favourite band?
29. What kind of instrument is your favourite? Why?
30. Describe stressful situation.
31. What kind of problems does adult have?
32. Do you like to commute? Why (not)?
33. How would you describe English people in general?
34. Do you know any stereotype about English people?
35. What is your favourite language. Why?
36. Describe your dream job.
37. What is the most boring profession?
38. What is the most interesting profession?
39. Who is your favourite teacher? Desribe him/her.
40. What is your favourite dish? Why?
41. What is your favourite app? Why?
42. Do you have any hobby? What kind of hobby?
43. Do you know any endangered species? What can be done to protect them?
44. Do you segregate rubbish? Why do you think is important?
45. Do you think people will travel to the Moon or Mars in the future?
46. Do you like going to the theatre? Why (not)?
47. Who is the most important inventor? Why?
48. What was your favourite play in childhood? Why?
49. Do you like music festivals? Why (not)?
50.Do you like TV commertials? Why (not)?
51. Describe your way to school.
52. What kind of brand of mobile phone is your favourite?
53. Do you believe playing computer games is a good hobby? Why(not)?
54. Do you know any famous proverb? What does it mean?
55. What do you think is the value of having a hobby?
56. What do you think about fads?
57. Do you find fashion important? Why(not)?
58. What are the disadvatages of the Internet?
59. Describe symptoms of chicken pox.
60. Describe symptoms of food poisoning.
61. What is your favourite movie?
62. Is there a particular activity that makes you feel happy?
63. What has been the happiest period of your life so far?
64. Which period in our history you find the most interesting? Why?
65. Describe history of your family.
66. Describe history of your place of residence.
67. Is it possible to live without money?
68.Do you save money? Why (not)?
69.How important is to know foreign languages?
70.Have you ever been on a bout? How did you feel?
71.Have you ever flawn in a plane? How did you feel?
72.What are your plans for next weekend?
73.What do you think about Polish food?
74. What is your favourtie flavour? Why?
75.What is your favourite restaurant? Why?
76.Do you know any stereotypes about Poles?
77.What is your favourite sport brand? Why?
78.Wht kind of car do you find attractive? Why?
79.Who is your favourite artist?
80.Do you think that art is important in our life? Why(not)?